Matthew 25:35 For When I Was Hungry You Fed Me


When you donate to Samaritan Family Foundation you are investing in providing a meal for children in schools and all vulnerable people in small community based organisations. You are empowering women to end poverty and hunger in their communities or donating to our food drives.


Could support provide food for children's school meals and small community based organisations


Could support with training women in order for them to acquire knowledge to start a small business.


Could support women to start an income generating project such as farming to help feed her family


Could support Samaritan Family Foundation to plant food that they provide to schools, community based organisations and Food drives.

One-off Payment

For a one-off payment, you can pay £20, £30, or £75.


Our monthly payments include options of £15, £20, and £50.

CONTACT US to see how you can donate to our non-profit organisation.