Matthew 25:35 For When I Was Hungry You Fed Me

Our Achievements

December 2017

Through a fundraising dinner party for a Christmas Food Drive in Uganda, we were able to feed 80 families who were unable to provide food for themselves and their families during the Christmas season.

March 2018

After another fundraising dinner party, we were able to renovate an elderly lady’s home in Uganda, buy all the necessary household equipment, buy her clothing and bedding, buy nutritious foods and fruit, and pay her house helper. 

June 2018

Through a fundraising BBQ event, we were able to buy 40 pairs of school shoes for orphaned children and those from poor backgrounds in Uganda. We also bought food and fruit for the elderly lady and paid her home helper.

December 2018

We had a Christmas Food Drive Event on 23rd December 2018 and we donated food to 200 families in need who could not afford a meal on Christmas day.

December 2019

We had a Christmas Food and Clothing Drive in Kasoga village, Buikwe District Uganda. We donated food to 320 families. Most of these families were single women with children, widows and disabled people. We also donated 50 pairs of shoes to the needy women.

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